Monday, February 21, 2011

wear a bow.

Some of you may read if The Staats if you do, you know that she lost her little girl late last week. She was just a few weeks older than Kennedy. Her name was Maddie. Wednesday is her funeral, her momma is asking if you have a little girl, to wear a bow & post a picture that day in remembrance. She was always in a big bow or flower just like Kennedy. I can't imagine the pain she is going thru, & don't have to words for her; but I know Kennedy will be wearing her biggest bow/flower on Wednesday for Maddie.

& if you have a little girl you should too, or even your self! I maybe putting a flower in my hair myself :)
If you don't have a little girl, stop on by & leave some support after-all isn't that what this blog-community is all about?


  1. thank you for sharing this with me... i had not stumbled upon her blog yet and my heart is breaking for her. i will be wearing a bow on wednesday since my little girl may not be here yet.

  2. Can I put a bow on my son? Meh....prolly nt a good idea...but I'LL wear a bow.

    Incredibly saddening to hear about this.

  3. That is so heartbreaking..I'll try to find a bow for myself for Wednesday.

  4. Hadley will be wearing a big bow or flower... I might too.

  5. Going through this is difficult, my best friends family just lost a baby as well week before last. Her SIL had twin boys 14 weeks premature in August and one passed away ont he 12th, they had been home for over 2 months and he just suddenly stopped breathing. They revived him but once at Children's after an ambulance ride to our local hospital and a life flight to a hospital 1 1/2 away he passed away. It was the hardest funeral I have ever attended. While I don't know what it is like to lose a child, I have come scarly close with my daughter 2 1/2 years ago when she inhaled peanuts into her lungs. Madison will be wearing a bow or flower on wendseday!


shucks, thanks the comment!
i looove hearing from you!
-tara :)


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