Friday, October 9, 2015

my little pumpkin

While Kennedy is in school, Kensley & I sometimes do fun go take some fun pumpkin photos!
She was absolute doll for these. Which is a far cry from what she normally is for photos. She doesn't always like it, mostly because she is on hip or some body part while i'm the one taking them :P But when she does want her photos taken she is such a ham! As you can see!

Dress: Giggle Moon Harvest Heart Bow: {as always} Julias Bowtique 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apple Orchard 2015

It's that time of year again!
Apple picking!!
This our third year at this orchard & the owner even knows who our girls are. I love that!
Daddy got to come with us this year, so it was kind of a big deal.
The girls were so excited they finally got to show daddy where they go & how good of apple pickers they were!

Look at how much they have grown! Click on each year to see the pics from then: 2013 and  2014

Their favorite part at the end if cider slushies & honey sticks!!

Til next year!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Halloween Family Friendly Movies

 We can't forget the kiddos, my children also get the seasonal bug! These are their favorites as of last year, & they are still loving them this past week! Some can be a tid bit scary depending on your child, so watch with discretion if your child is easily scared! We ended up nixing Addams Family for another year down the road! But they all are family friendly!

1.Casper//2.Halloweentown//3.Addams Family//4.Hocus Pocus//5.Hotel Transylvania//6.It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown//7.The Night Before Christmas//8.Grinch Night//9.Bettlejuice//10.Icabod and Mr. Toad//11.Mickey's Treat//12.Berestain Bears Halloween Treats

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Midwest Fun! #KI2016

Kings Island provided my family of 4, tickets to King Island & Soak City in exchange for telling you all about the amazing time we had there! 

Sometimes the midwest gets some flack for not having much fun things to do!
But little do they know of all the fun to be had, right in Ohio!
When we were in town for a family reunion we thought we make one last fun outing before summer was over, & King Island was the place!

The day started out pretty wonderful. But on our short drive from Brandons hometown to Kings Island a storm hit! LOTS of lightening & buckets & buckets of rain! I called & the park said while they were open most rides ect was not running for safety reasons.

We went out to lunch near by & when the power went out; we thought all hope was lost on our fun day. But, when the lights came back on everything dried up & it was the sunny & perfect! So we finished up & headed straight for the park!
Kennedy took this family selfie while waiting for lunch :)

Since half the day over at the point. We wanted to do what we were most looking forward to on hot hot summer day, & that was hit up Soak City!

& it did not disappoint!
We only got a few hours of fun in before another storm started to roll in but we had a blast!

We got to stay cool & hydrated by purchasing a souvenir cup with FREE refills all-day long!

There was so much for the girls to do that was age appropriate but also has so much to do for the older kids, & uh mom & dad of course!

The girls loved the smaller slides they could walk up to & go down by themselves. The lifeguards were so nice. One, would ask the girls something fun every time before they went down! They loved her!

Brandon & I loved the family slides with us in the tubes together & the lazy river!

Even though we couldn't take full advantage of the whole park, they have so much more to offer than Soak City! The whole amusement park is full of rides for anyone in the family, shows & meet & greets with snoopy & the gang! They also have a attraction for the dinosaur lover in your family; this one we were most sad about missing! Dinosaurs Alive, which is a exhibit with more than 65 life like dinosaurs spread across 12 acres!!

& if you can believe it, Kings Island announced today the big news of MORE fun at Soak City!
The 2016 season with the addition of Tropical Plunge, a complex of six different water slide experiences towering nearly seven stories. Three of the slides on the 65-foot tall complex will start with guests climbing inside an Aqua-Launch chamber where they will wait anxiously for the floor to drop out from underneath their feet, sending them into a high-speed, almost vertical free fall through a series of flat loops and S-curves in a translucent flume.

We can not wait to go back for #KI2016! I mean if we had THAT much fun this year, imagine next year with these new additions!

Friday, July 31, 2015

Disney stroller rental

When I was planning my Disney vacation I was SO overwhelmed! There is so much info! SO much to know!
I had alot of help from our Disney Travel Agent & from my own memory from our last vacation & there was a few things I knew I had to have on this vacation.

One of the them was a great stroller.
We flew in & out of very small airports. The girls had very little walking & the use of a stroller just wasn't needed with their ages. & lugging our huge double stroller thru the airport & rental cars was NOT something I wanted to do. However, the need for one at the parks was HUGE.

Yes, you can rent a stroller at Disney. But they are HARD & do not recline & honestly I wouldn't even want to sit in one.

We knew out hours are the park were going to be long & our girls needed somewhere to sit & possibly nap!

When I found Kingdom Strollers the angels sang!

They couldn't make it anymore easier.

You get to choose from a variety of luxury strollers & plenty of extra options {most free} like a rain cover {GET ONE!} & a cooler for your drinks! They will even put water bottles cold & in there for a small fee!!

We chose the City Mini Double. {colors vary}

Okay so after you choose, you let them know where you are staying. You can choose your Disney Resort like us, but they are also delivery to some area good neighbor resorts! Oh wait, did I forget to mention that? THEY BRING YOU THE STROLLER. I arrived at our resort somewhere around 630 AM to check in, & there it was at the bell hop, ready to go!

Your Stroller comes with a tag on it with your family name so it will not get lost in the bustle of stroller parking!

The girls loves the stroller. They had plenty of room & seemed to be pretty comfortable! ;)

Then when our vacation was over, cue sad face. We simply returned the stroller to where we picked up! Right at the bell hop at our resort & tada! That's it!
It is that easy!

Kingdom strollers doesn't do just stroller either! They have cribs and bedding too to make your vacation even easier!

Disclaimer:As of owner of this blog, I received services from this company. All opinions & feedback are my own.

Planning a Disney Vacation? Contact Heather for all your Disney planning needs! Her services are 100% free and 100% amazing!! {click the banner above to contact her}


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