Sunday, February 18, 2018

#mfamilyfridays Movie Night Ideas : Lady and the Tramp

I grew up with friday night always being a movie or game night. It started out with just some Americans Funniest Home Videos ala Bob Saget, it was wrapped up with Americas Most Wanted, & COPS. ha! But most the time, we got to pick a VHS from the tiny video store rental part of our small town grocery. We were allowed to get a Cream Soda Faygo, & 99.9% of the time we choose Funyons as our snack. It is something my mom always did, we generally order pizza or could pick out what we wanted for dinner. I will always remember the rush of getting off the bus on Friday knowing it was movie night, I could have a Cream Soda & spend time with my sister! 

Life is so busy for us. We have kinda always have had a movie/game night. But, last year I made a conscious effort to make sure we did it routinely. We needed a time at home, to slow down & just be together.Which is where #mfamilyfridays begun. We make pizza almost every Friday. We make our own dough & the girls make their own with their own toppings & Brandon & I make our own. For dessert (there always has to be dessert) we switch between root beer floats & more recently we make our own banana split bar. The girls countdown til Friday. They love it so much. We vote on a movies & games. & its seriously the best time of the week. Every single one of us enjoys it so much.

With dance season upon us, every Friday is going to be just whenever we can fit it in. Like this weekend, our #mfamilyfridays ended up on a Saturday. & that's okay. Since it is going to be a little more scarce, I am switching things up a little bit the next few weeks & taking you along with us! Our movie nights will be completely themed (because I loooove a good theme) down to food & other elements. Each week I'll most a menu ect for you all try yourself with your family! 

This week it was Lady & The Tramp! Just in time for the new release of the movie! You can preorder it HERE before February 20,2018!

The girls knew we were watching Lady & The Tramp but I didn't tell them anything else. I love a good surprise ;) So I sent them upstairs & set everything up for them to come down.

First I laid out the iconic red & white checkered table cloth on the coffee table.(we also always eat whatever food we eat in the living room while watching a movie, another part that makes it fun for the girls)  I used a Chianti wine bottle with a basket bottom, which was rather hard to track down. I wish I could find a link for you to easy order & save yourself this hassle. I tried the wine so it wouldn't be a complete waste of just using it for a candle holder. & it tasted like garbage. Luckily, the wine is super affordable so it wasn't a total waste.

I used the stuffed animals, Lady & Tramp to finish the look with of course some hanging spaghetti noddles between them! I swear this was their favorite part because I am a mean mom and never let them get stuffed animals! haha & of course added a spaghetti dinner!

I couldn't find our exact projector, we just upgraded our old one this year. But this one seems very similar. I flip the living room around every week so we can use the blank wall as a screen!

I hope everyone enjoyed & can use these ideas on their movie nights! Im excited to share with you all! I would love some suggestions on movie you would like us to do! Leave them below!

This is give our attempt at taking a family in pitch black room lolol

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentines Playlist with Spotify

I heard from so many people that loved that my Christmas playlist, with the help of Spotify I put together the perfect playlist for Valentines day! 💓 As Kensley says when listening, "these songs are just so lovey" & she right! This playlist has been on repeat in the kitchen, when"The Greatest Showman" isn't on that is! The girls will say "Alexa, play my valentines day playlist"! It's also been on in the car to dance! 

Here are the girls favorite top 3 picks.
Kennedy: Sugar, Sugar, L-O-V-E {Nat King Cole Version} & If I Ain't Got You
Kensley: Another vote for Sugar, Sugar, As Long as You Love Me {Backstreet Boys baby!} & A Your Adorable
They both had a very hard time not choosing Baby Love by The Supremes, so they wanted me mention that! ;)

As you can see, it has a little bit of everything, plus Dolly Parton & Backstreet Boy because..well every good playlist should. 


& because I know I will get asked, the phone case was a Christmas gift from my friend Kara; but you can purchase it HERE!

IMPORTANT: For best results, play on shuffle! I promise cranking this up will mostly ensue a dance party in the living room or kitchen.

If you use this playlist let me know! Tag me in your dance parties or it playing in your home so I can repost!
You can hear the playlist on Spotify by clicking HERE, or below!

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Easy Peasy DIY Valentines

Valentine's Day is almost here! Before we know it is time for sending Valentines to school. I know I may be in the minority but I live for any & all holidays. & that means, my little holiday heart lives for crafts like Valentines. This year for my girls we have a mix of JoJo Siwa Valentines, & pre packaged DIY Valentines the girls had to have going down the Valentines isle freshly after Christmas! {let's hope I can find where I stashed them since then ha!} 

BUT that didn't stop me from putting together a roundup of my fave easy DIY Valentines for you that are prime-able {thats a word right? If not, it should be} for convenience. Because honestly, what the point if you can't prime it! All of these just our one item & a quick printable, easy peasy!

I mean the title says it all! These play-doh valentines are so cute! Any kids, just about any age will love this Valentine! Here you can get a party pack of 15!

I love that this one, is A. obviously they are super funny but also B. they are not super lovey dovey. I get obviously the point of Valentines is love. But, I feel sometimes the sayings on Valentines are so awkward to be putting  in my preschool & first grader's backpacks, ya know? You can get a pack of 24 whoopee cushions here!

This one is so yummy. I don't think I know a single soul that doesn't love starburst. Well besides the yellow ones of course. I am not always a huge a fan of candy Valentines, but this just one piece! This one does take a teeny bit more than just a printable. But I love that your child can help out doing the stamp. Of course you could sub it for anything else, or even not do it at all.

I know what you are thinking...bubbles? No thanks. But, guys..its a holiday. & every child loves bubbles! & I know what you thinking, its still bubbles. But heres the best part, this is like 5 blows worth of bubbles. & If your child is anything like mine they will spill 80% of it anyway. Your child gives a super cool Valentine, & every mom in the class won't hate you ;)

And where you have it! My top easy, prime-able Valentines!  If you order today you will have them before the weekend! They will be good to go to for Valentines parties next week! Also: Some of them used twine to secure the objects onto the printables, click here to use what I do & love! Now, I am off to find those Valentines.....

Monday, February 5, 2018

Laundry Room Revamp

Our laundry has gotten more revamps than I think the rest of the house! Each time though I didn't really love, love it and its functions just didn't stick. I've been revamping all my organization "systems" in the entire house this past month. And since our laundry room is more of a hallway, it was one of the first spaces I started on. 

I went really out of my comfort zone with choosing wallpaper and the bold, for me, print! I am so glad I did! It really livens up the space! Like I said, my Laundry room isn't a room at all. It's a hallway, you enter it from the kitchen, then the wall directly in front of the washer/dryer is the garage door. If you keep walking from the kitchen right through it leads to powder room. It is a very "seen" part of the house, so keeping it neat & tidy is a must as guests can see it & have to walk through to to get to the powder room.

Before I was trying to decorate and organize but concentrated on it being pretty! And while, that still was a big factor. I had to get systems that work better for me. So much big hocking jars had to go. I replaced them with baskets. I re organized the drawers underneath the washer and dryer and put my fundamentals on top in a easy to grab tray! This tin totally pulls in my "farmhouse" vibe & is completely functional, I put all of my laundry pods in it! It also came with a scoop for those that use powder!

 Here was the closest thing I could find to a before picture from a few years ago:

                           SHOP OUR LAUNDRY ROOM                            
shop this room by clicking the items below:

I say this all the time but I truly mean it. I really feel like even the most mundane spaces should be pretty in your home. Whatever "pretty" means to you! Since I spend so much time washing clothes, why not make this space, a happy place for me while I'm cursing the millions of loads?? It makes me want to keep it clean and organized more. I mean, I'm still not going to be thrilled with doing the laundry. But, you get what I mean ;)

I realize now I probably should have taken photos of the organization I did in the baskets & drawers, so if you would like to see that please let me know in the comments! Overall, I really am in love with this space. I think the wallpaper is a bold but neutral statement to make that hallway pleasing to the eye but neutral enough to be a hallway that gets alot of traffic!

Friday, December 1, 2017

The Ultimate Christmas Playlist with Spotify

Hello, December 1st!!
It's here!
I can listen to Christmas music without judgement!
I don't want to brag or anything, but Christmas is my thing.
I pride myself on a carefully curated Christmas playlist.
I know Christmas music, & one of the gifts God gave me is the ability to make the best darn Christmas playlist to be played for anyone & anywhere.

When you play this list I am about give you, there will be something for everyone.
The classics, the childhood faves, the modern songs. A mix of Bing Crosby, Mariah Carey, Kenny G,Jackson 5 Amy Grant as all good Christmas play lists should. And some
J Biebs because honestly..was his holiday happen absolute holiday gold or what?

Spotify is where my Playlist was created, & right now you can get premium membership for just .99 for 3 months. So if the off, rare chance you will need to skip a song on my amazing list ;) , your skips wont be make you listen to ads!

You can listen to the playlist HERE, & enjoy!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Top 5 Thanksgiving Leftovers Meals

Thanksgiving is over, the shopping is ending.
The girls going back to school & I am counting down til Christmas Break.
The only thing that makes the holiday week being over better is..
Anyone elses fridge full?
The greatest thing about leftovers..besides it being Thanksgiving leftovers obvi, is the easy meals you can use with them!

I rounded up all my favorites & listed them below!

Let gets started:

1. Turkey Pesto Panini
A twist on the simple go-to turkey leftover, a turkey sandwich! And who doesn't like a panini. No one, the answer is no one. SO GOOD. Adding cranberry sauce really gives it a extra something too!

This is my personal, thanksgiving left over go-to meal. SO easy. I always just a buy a couple extra pie crusts dough's when I get them for pies before Thanksgiving! I use a can of cream of chicken as my sauce!

This meal is super, easy peasy & it uses more than just turkey. So creamy, & a great chilly night dinner!
4.  Turkey Ranch Quesadilla
Here is a out of the box way to use turkey! Still yummy, super Easy & can be great to send to lunch to school as well!

Last but not least, this yummy casserole! I was apprehensive at first, but this is a winner! I am not a huge stuffing lover but really loved this!

& there they are! My top 5 Thanksgiving leftover meals!
Let me know which one you use!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween, I hate saying it's my favorite holiday because really, every holiday is my favorite, as we all know!
But i really have come to love this holiday! I grew up for the better part of my life not celebrating it. There was a few years we had "harvest" parties where once I dressed up as baby. But that's about as far as my Halloween traditions went. Because of that, I guess I never really even got into the decor of Halloween. I just decorated for fall. But, the past couple years the girls have really pushed for it so I have decorated & loved it! We don't go all gorey & scary but just a bit of spooky-ness!

Of course, our favorite is family costumes. Every year we sit down & pick out our theme. The girls come up with them, & then we narrow it down on who will be what & what I can make. I try always make/repurpose everything we wear. Be it dying clothes, cutting & sewing things on other garments ect. It keeps costs down & is alot of fun! Our favorite part is asking our friends & family what they think we will be. We never tell, & everyone waits til Halloween night to find out!

Here are some from years past:

I've been having some health issues lately & insanely busy that my costume this year, just got away from me. We couldn't come up with just the character for me; & when we did I Just didn't have enough time or energy to come up with something!

This year our theme is the terribly under-rated  Wreck It Ralph:
Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing, child, outdoor and nature

Kensley was Vanellope Von Schweetz:

vanellope costume

From top to bottom: Candy buttons & Licorice are clay hair clips, sweatshirt was just a plain Hanes sweatshirt with fushia cord cut & sewn to mimic the cartoon, the skirt was from goodwill, it was originally lime green but I dyed it brown, the leggings: are footless tights that I hand-painted t mimic as well. Then we sprayed her hair black for overall look!

wreck it ralph costume
wreck it ralph costume, vanellope costume

Kennedy was Fix-it Felix Jr.
wreck it ralph costume

Sunday, November 20, 2016


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