Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Non- Candy Easter Basket Stuffers for Girls!

We try to stay away from candy with really, well anything. They will get some in their Easter egg hunt and that is more than plenty for them.
We try to put stuff that we are already going to get them & a few outdoor things for spring in their baskets!
Its so funny that everyday things they need like sippy cups & bath bubbles get them so excited!
Here is a list I put together of our favorites for a great Easter basket!

1. Crayola Washable Markers 2. Any book, We love the one pictured 3. Bubbles, this non spill bucket it a dream 4. CamelBak Sipper 5. A small toy, our girls our obsessed Calico Critters 6. LUSH bath bombs, tons of easter ones to choose from the carrots they offered are a fave here 7. Non-Toxic Piggie paint 8. California Baby Bubble Bath 9. Side Walk Chalk

Friday, March 20, 2015

Wet Brush Giveaway!!

As many of you know, Kennedy has had quite the head of hair since her year of cue ball bald head days. Brushing her hair is pretty much a nightmare. Even with great conditioner and detangler spray a brush session always ended in tears.
&  Unlike the one lady that was floating on Facebook I DO believe in brushing my childrens hair even if they don't want to. I also changed their diaper when they didn't want me to, so you can probably chalk me up to meanest mom ever.
There has been many a argument right after a bath & even before they even got out of the bath that they didn't want their hair brushed. Or fighting over who would go first! It was pretty awful. So I had to find another option, other than be the crazy facebook mom that doesn't brush their childs hair.

Then heaven opened up & the angels started singing & God handed me a Wet Brush. Just Kidding.
The Wet Brush completely changed our hair routine. Now our brushing days do not contain tears at all! & they look forward to getting their hair all nice &  "punzle" like! They even can brush their hair themselves now. 

When I first got The Wet Brush, I thoroughly examined it. THIS is going to get thru her tangles better than any other brush? It didn't look different. The bristles looked just like normal brush. There wasn't anything fancy about it that I could find. I was a skeptic. 
Then I got it out after bath for Kensley. & ya'll it blew my mind. This sucker got thru her tangles with ease. I honestly didn't even think it was brushing her hair it went thru so easily. Until I looked & was amazed!!  Her hair is so thin I thought Okay, but can it get thru Kennedys crazy thick hair & curls?!? & Yup it did!

Sometimes I have to do the under side of her hair when using "the squirt" because the bristles aren't quite long enough, but other than that this thing has changed our lives!
There is all sorts of colors & sizes! We have "squirts" which are travel sized & are the perfect size for the girls hands & for my purse! Then full size for my hair & when I do their hair myself! They even had a baby brush that is soft & made for sensitive skin! I am getting the "shine" brush next!!

If you have a curly locks child, or even if you don't & just struggle with tangles. & even for yourself without children. The whole family has one for themselves now, even the dolls! This is the brush for you!!

I am spreading the The Wet Brush love & giving away a full sized The Wet brush for you to win!!
Enter below!! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Home Organization! Laundry room!

The thing about my laundry room is..I hate laundry. Like LOATHE it.
Keeping your laundry room organized helps with function & decorating it cute makes it inviting.
Both of which I feel a laundry room should have!!
If you are ready to organize your laundry room here is a check list to get you on the right foot!
I also have a FB organizational group you are more than welcome to join with a bunch of great women encouraging one another! You can join HERE!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

American Girl Doll Dollars! !

I don't know about you all. But we are knee deep in the American Girl obsession over here! Kensley loves the bitty babies & twins. Kennedy is now into the "big girl dolls" & Kennedy lives,breathes,sleeps her doll . She has very much wanted another & I wanted her to "earn" the doll rather than us just give one to her
Which brought me to "doll dollars"! I was messing around & came up with these! Since my girls are young a visual is always helpful but these work great for big girls too! I made these for her earn & keep track of how much she had to get her doll.

I didn't make these to be the actual dollar amount of the doll, just a dollar to earn up to however many you may choose for them. 3 dollars for cleaning her room. 2 dollars when she was caught doing something nice without being asked ect. It all is how you want to create your award system! As she earns them they go into the jar! 

After putting it out there that I could offer these to other AG moms in a group the response was overwhelming. So, I decided to put them on here & create other options for yall to download. I hope you enjoy, I took alot of time making these, &I am so glad you all love them & will use them in your home

Before you download just a few notes.
-When you share please share this post & not the link.
-These are for personal use only.
-When printing this is how they came out best for me. After you SAVE, view them in PICTURE GALLERY, then click PRINT.  Then click the 3.5x5, uncheck the FIT PICTURE TO FRAME & click "4" in "copies of each picture. *you of course can choose to make them bigger*

I tried to think of all the dolls that most are wanting, but there is also a dollar with a group of girls for maybe if your going to the store & your child hasn't picked which one she wanted. There is also just a AG star one if they are saving for a accessory or outfit! :) If I missed someone comment below & I will try to make one & give link for it!

Click the links for each doll.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Snow Day Fun | Top 5 Snow Toys

I don't know about ya'll but we got ALOT of snow.
A lot is melting, so before it goes here are some great ways to have some fun with snow before it goes!

& you guys, number 3 is a real thing! I mean. Amazing.

1. Snowball & Snow Fort Maker | LL Bean // 2. Sno- Marker | POOF Slinky // 3. SnoBall Blaster | WHAM-O // 4. Children's Shovel | Wader Toys // 5. Family Snowman Kit | LL Bean

Saturday, January 31, 2015

10 things not to say to a mom of all girls.

1. "Are you going to try for a boy?"
While having another child is sadly off the table for us, another girl would bring us so much joy as would a boy.

2. "ALL girls? Poor dad. You must be miserable. I hope at least the dog is boy."
Yes. People. People, we don't even know, have apologized to my husband that he has all girls. Like he had some kind of life altering illness. While I can't speak for him at the moment, you know because he's out buying us nail polish right now {just kidding} I know he would say he is more than happy with ALL his girls & wouldn't change it. The balance of male/female in our house suits us perfectly.  & guess what our dog IS a girl too!

3. "Girls are so emotional"
There is really no debate about this. We are scientifically more emotional than the male gender. But last I checked males can be just as emotional. Have you seen when a mans "team" has or better yet has NOT won the super bowl? & I dare you to take away that nerf gun from that 4-year old little boy & say that.

4."All girls? Bless your heart."
Thank you! I am so blessed.

5."Just wait til their teenagers"
While teenage years are in fact rough. There is just as many trails & tribulation while raising a teenager that is male. Another stereotype we can thank "Mean Girls" & Miley Cyrus for.

6.. "They are going to have lots of boyfriends"
As strange as it is for a complete stranger to be talking about such things, lets not feed into more stereotypes that every girl is a provocative, boy crazed teenage girl. There are plenty of young girls that are too busy with school & activities to have serious boyfriends.

7. "Boys are so much easier than Girls"
Is one sex really "easy"? Is raising any child ever easy? I bet those with all boys would probably say the same thing about having girls.

8. " I bet they have daddy wrapped around their finger"
We fall hard into this stereotype. Because they do, they really do. But I know our boy would be walking out of the store with whatever he asked for too.

9. Girls are so expensive.
Sigh. Aren't all children expensive? Each has activities, hobbies & their likes that cost money.

10. DRAMA.
Again have you taken that nerf gun away yet? Males can be JUST as dramatic as females.

Put all the sarcasm & blatant obnoxiousness from complete strangers, I love my girls
&  wouldn't change what these amazing GIRL blessings in my life. 
But I know I would feel just as blessed with if they boys as well.
Raising our children is hard no matter if they are girl or boy! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Top Valentines Movies for Kids

It slowing creeping up to us!
I am starting to decorate & my mind is going crazy with Valentines ideas!
I know some don't really count this as a holiday, but ANY holiday is a holiday at our house. If it gives us a reason to decorate, do a fun craft & a fun outfit we are the first to sign up!

I always look finding great holiday movies to gear up to the holiday!
These are great, wholesome shows {which is so hard to find anymore} that is themed for Valentines Days!

My girls love all these characters & even more so getting them excited for Valentines!
Some are funny, & some have great stories about loving each other!


 1. Max & Ruby, Max's Valentine//2.Clifford, Be My Big Red Valentines//3.Franklin, Franklin's Valentines//4.Veggie Tales, Lettuce Love One Another//5.Winnie the Pooh, A Valentine for You//6. A Charlie Brown Valentine//7. The Bernstein Bears, Count their Blessings//8. Word World, My Fuzzy Valentine

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

4 things your wife needs, but she won't say

This is a first in my series of encouragement posts. I started to make a post about appreciating your husband & realized there was a million of those out there. I will still post it. But it really struck me, that us at home sometimes gets left in the dust in bit.
Which brings me to:
4 things your wife needs, but won't say that will completely make her feel appreciated.

1.She feels overwhelmed. It's hard to say. & saying it makes her feel worse than what she already feels. Sometimes feeling overwhelmed can make mommas feel inadequate. Between taking care of the children, making dinner, and keeping the home together, she has a lot on her plate. She wants you to be her partner, not another person to take care of. That’s why she probably cried {good tears} when you offer to make dinner or do bath time, even though you may have worked all day. She likes when you take chargePicking up some of the slack provides her SO much relief. Don’t wait for her to ask. Just do it.

2.She loves to be adored. I get it, some men just don't have it in them to be emotional & to express that. But you have to find a way to let your wife know you love, adore & cherish her. Tell her through words, written or spoken, or thoughtful gift or a romantic getaway. Even if it's a "hey I just heard this song that reminded me of you" or a text letting her know you missed her while at work that day. It doesn't matter how, just make her feel special. Men may be able to go without many of these things, but to many women this is her oxygen. When you cherish her and make her feel important, she feels valued and appreciated as a wife. When she does not feel cherished, she may feel resentful or insecure about your relationship.

3. She wants to be heard. Hear out her anxieties even if they seem so silly to you. Instead of telling her not to be worried, validate her fears and offer to help her. When she stresses out about next year’s birthday party or vacation, don’t brush her off. Genuinely listen and ask to help. Take steps together to relieve the anxiety, it calms her down and makes her feel taken care of.

4. She wants you to remember her. Sometimes it so easy to forget that your wife is your wife too & not just "mommy". Does she really like something? Have a hobby? Encourage her. Let her know you think what she does/likes is great. Is there a quality you love about her outside of her being mommy? Tell her. Let her know how you love her compassion when she gives the guy on the road a 20. When your out & see something that she likes, pick it up for her. She doesn't do enough for herself including getting that thing of oreos or lotion for herself. She is always getting the the families "wants" it is nice for someone else to get them for her.

Listen, I know it's hard to see all that she is doing while you are at work everyday. But can you imagine doing a million tasks in one day, without your check & affirmations from coworkers/boss? It so crazy to think of all the small things your missing that she does & you noticing would totally make her day. It crazy but do you know the bottom of the toilet & around it needs cleaned too? Not just IN the bowl? Yeah she does that. It doesn't magically stay clean all the time. & actually really freakin gross. Crazy huh?

In any relationship especially a marriage & even more so with children. Each partner needs to feel appreciated for the work they do. I know I make such a effort to make sure Brandon feels appreciated for his work, because he IS the reason for our lifestyle & for me staying home. Some times I have to make it a priority when its hard to turn off being mom. Sometimes and many times I do, want gruff at Brandon having a busy day & him getting home late. & I'll have to push myself to give the "wow great job! Thats good you were so busy!" 

In the same token, that doesn't mean that the one at home whether it be mom or dad is to feel any less beneficial to the family for the work they do just because they aren't bringing home a check for their work.

I encourage you for month to make a valid effort to take the time to truly appreciate your spouse. At the end of the month I think you will be amazed at change it will make in BOTH of you.

Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year Organization 0.2

I think the New Year has everyone one in the whole, must-organize-all-the-things state of mind.
But some don't know where to start!
You're not alone!
I'm here to give you some tips & hope the will be helpful to you!

Ok so lets get the ball rolling.
First the best advice I ever was given when I felt overwhelmed with organizing is:

Take everything out. Whether it's a drawer, a closet, a cabinet. Get it all out.
 It maybe overwhelming but trust me. take every little thing out.
As you do that here is a great guideline to get you started on some major areas so you go kick start into organizing the rest of your house/life.

Ill be posting several organization tips this month & next hoping they will be help for everyone gearing up to make the new year go great! 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Late spring of last year we had an opportunity to buy a older camper. It needed alot of work but we were willing to take it on! Because well obviously I love this stuff!
I got straight to work on cleaning it out & cleaning it in general! My mom & dad did a TON of work too!

For whatever reason I never really got any pictures besides the dinnete area! But here you can see Kennedy in the back. {lets not talk about the cushions} There is two set of bunk beds in the back when you go thru the kitchen. Then off the kitchen was a nice sized bathroom with shower & tub. It was the perfect size for us!

Here is a before {barf}:

In process:
It took FOREVER to cover all this with white paint!
But I had to brighten the place up!

In the middle of the madness, my mom & I spent HOURS at the fabric store & FINALLY found what seems like the perfect pattern! We took them to a local recover shop that re foamed & covered them for me! I HAD to get rid of those red cushions!

We didn't get as far as we wanted to with renoing it this summer. Life & just actually camping in it got in the way. Flooring, new light fixtures & wallpaper was to be put in this spring!

We have a permanent lot at a local campground. It makes it very convenient for lots of reason mostly because a) we really have no place to store it b) with brandons work schedule going somewhere to camp is about dang near impossible. so this way he can just come right after work since its about 10 mins from home. it is also just enough away that we feel like we were away but if we forgot anything or needed to do something on the weekend we could. It has an attached deck & was really a nice get away!

The girls & I spent alot of time there this summer during the week. we swam at the lake all the time & just hung out. It truly was awesome. I grew up camping & really wanted my girls to! & they love it! 

There is no cell coverage at the campground so it is so nice to be forced to slow life down. Even when it rained we enjoyed just doing puzzles!

But after we closed her up for the winter. About two week later we go a call that another camper had called the owner about a tree on a camper after a big wind storm we had. We had told the campground & a few other had about the dead trees around our lot but they never did anything about them so we werent surprised. We didn't think there would be much damage but sure enough.....

It is completely totaled.

So we are on the hunt for another. I want another fixer upper! I still have so much in my head that I wasn't able to do! Hopefully I will be able to update with that soon! We can't wait to get another & get ready to camp this spring!


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