Monday, February 7, 2011

life with an apnea monitor

This has been our lives the past few weeks with buggys monitor & the things I have learned:

Long Cords:
Though, functional. They are freakin long, & you will trip.
More than once.
If you were hooked up the monitor the heart alarm would go off.
Simply put, it stinks.
baby, baby carrier, diaper bag, & purse. Did I pack enough diapers?
Oh,yeah don't forget the monitor that is as big as my purse!
Not that I care what anyone thinks. But, I get the constant "what is she hooked up to?"
 "what is that thing?" "what's wrong with your baby?" I have even got the "Is your baby dying?"
Although, I have gotten the compassionate, "that sucks, I'm sorry your going through this" soft smile from concerned mothers. & people are more considerate.
Not that I will forget she hooked to this thing though scary, people make it impossible to forget.
These babies are loud. I know they are supposed to wake you up in the night {not that im not already up watching the blinks of the heart & lung lights all-night} but the alarm will wake up the whole neighborhood.
& no matter how many times it has gone off, it will still scare the ba-jesus out of you.

They also advise you not to touch your baby when it goes off, to assess. {for a few seconds}
I have yet to do that.How can you not touch/pick up your baby when you know they haven't been breathing for 20 seconds? Ya'll are on crack.
{update on alarms : we are up to 8}
Those adorable zip-up sleepers?
The hubby loves zip-up's  because with the buttons he never aligns them right & has to do them like three times haha.
The wires have to come up thru the top, giving her prime opportunity to grab them.
I don't know how many time she is in her swing & just a laughing, so I of course can't resist, go & swoop her up only to be stepping on the cord forgetting she is hooked up & have her get hanked back. :(
There is a strap that goes around her chest with he pads on each side each under her arm pit.
She had gotten a little irratated from them, so I left it off for a day last week.
Saturday at about 4 in the morning she started screaming.
I couldn't figure out what it was so I un swaddled her & noticed whenever she moved her arms the scream went up a billion decibels.
So, I un-did the strap & as I released it from her arm-pit the pads are velcro'd on to the strap as they were lift, it took of a huge square of skin with it.
I instantly started crying. It was BRIGHT red not mention it had no skin.
I feel like the worst momma in the world.
So, our life with monitor is over til Wed. when she has a appt.
So, for now I'm lovin' my non-wire baby.
But, terrified she stops breathing & I won't know.

Have I mentioned how much this sucks?
This isn't supposed to happen to my baby.
We have already been thru enough.

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  1. In no way shape or form are you a bad momma : ) and I know that this will not make you feel any better but there will be 1000 more times that you feel like you are. We want nothing but the best for our little bundles of joy but things happen and naturally we worry. You Brandon and Kennedy are troopers and this is only going to make you stronger.
    love you : )

  2. p.s. I like your boycotted picture. It made me giggle!

  3. you are seriously one of the strongest mommas out there!! you leave me speechless with every post. i hope to be half as good of a mommy as you! i voted by the way :)

  4. Reading your blogs are just making me love you so much!!!!! you express yourself so well!!

  5. I know this is an old post, but hopefully you'll still see comments for it. Even though my son had pretty bad apnea (just went off oxygen while sleeping at 9 months old) we are new to this whole monitor thing (for some reason his diagnosis of apnea and hypopnea wasn't "serious" enough to need an apnea monitor... hmmmm - makes sense, huh? His case manager took care of that for us ;). Anyway, reading your post from a "been there done that" viewpoint makes it even funnier. We took of his chest belt last night to find very angry, red skin and what looked like hives. Is that how it started for your little one? Did you ever figure out exactly what caused it? I'm using the sticky pads now and just rotating them around the irritated areas but not sure what I need to do for the future. The home health guy was stumped, evidently it's not a hugely common thing?

    1. Hi! It did start off kinda rashy. We ended up getting different pads! I'm trying to remember what they were but at a loss! Sorry I'm not more help :(


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