{our pregnancy.}

  • with two losses in the 2009.
  • march 20 2010 we got our BFP praying for this to be a sticky bean!
  • we had a bazillion betas & ultrasounds & it seemed as though this bean was a fighter
  • at about 7 weeks I start bleeding late one night, called the dr & he said it was sure that was it, & this would be my 3rd loss
  • went in the next day for ultrasound, & yet again our miracle beat the odds & had the strongest heartbeat!
  • The first 6 months were accompanied by  Hyperemesis. Days of hospital stay due to severe dehydrationmalnutrition. I then got sent home with home healthcare where I had an IV & a pump that hooked into my stomach pumping me with meds.
  • July 16th- ITS A GIRL! 
  • After those months, I had a brief calm in the storm with no sickness, no pump, no IV. When preterm labor started at just 26 weeks. Where we found out, I had extremely low fluid, she was measuring small (which happened to be because she was stationed already) & the cord was wrapped around her neck.  We stopped my precious little girl from entering this world 4 times & was given 4 steriod shots to mature her lungs just in case. Thankfully she held off until 37 weeks!




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