Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter/Weekend Re-Cap!

In lieu of Easter I didn't get a chance to post a picture of Bug with the Easter bunny.
Yup we did the cliche easter bunny @ the mall.
But there was NO way i was letting that nasty costume hold my baby so instead each of us held her next to him :)

Friday we got the food for my easter lunch! & ya know else we did? NOTHING. We laid around, we ordered take-out applebees & watched rented movies. PERFECT. Brandon has had little to no days off lately, so cherished my day with him.

Saturday, was sooo busy. My etsy girl was supposed to over-night a newborn hat for me for a last minute newborn session. Well it didn't show up. So I did a little plea for help to local photog friends & luckily a friend had a few for me to use! I had to drive 45 mins to get there; got back just in time to do my session. & guess what? not one of the hats fit. I got home, my ordered hat was in the mailbox. Hmpf.

Sunday? EASTER
momma & da-da's easter basket had: teether,hello kitty plush toy, number stacker/toy & spoons :)
first time in the grass, she was so into it I could only get a few with her looking at me; no smiles :(
Aunt Tiffany
& before I forget again Melissa, the sunglasses are from carters :)

momma & baby

she learned "kisses" she slips the tongue every once in awhile ;)
my niece madison with bug :)

& drum roll please.......
my first Easter/holiday get together/luncheon

it went off without a hitch! I think that is how the saying goes :p
everything was wonderful, thank heavens.
& tasted delish
my mother & myself were proud :)

How was your guys' Easter?
Did you enter for the giveaway below?


  1. ok first of all i totally agree about letting the baby sit on the bunny... its just so many babies sit on it and i dont know how often they clean it and o. m. g... germs!

    that picture of kennedy with her aunt tiffany is just too funny!! i love her chunker thighs! olivia is working up to that delicious status :)

    the picture of you and kennedy is beautiful!! you should really frame it

  2. Your Easter looks lovely!!

    Love bug's outfit, love your table it all!!

    I have nominated you for a blogging award. Check out for details!


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