Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, I didn't take a test today, Brandon says I'm being a compulsive "pee-r" and apparently" i want to pee on everything" haha. But, I get my package of 10 in the mail tomorrow from my fave site, so POAS in t-minus 8 hours give or take. So...

Today, I am terrified, with not POAS today, my fears multiply. I have had alot of pain in my lower stomach, & was on my feet today for my first day at the pharmacy. This make me nervous. Breathe, calm. Ok. That is so much easier to type then act that out. Everyone keeps saying stay positive & it isn't in my hands yada yada. BLAH!

Happier note, I LOVE ICLW! I want to personally thank all of you for the extraordinary upbeat & truly amazing comments you guys are getting me through this rough patch. With out all of you, Britney and of course Brandon. I would be a WRECk. From the bottom of my heart thank you! Now, we shall wait for the mail, & pray for a darker lineee!!!

am I the only one that 16 & pregnant makes you want to vom?

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  1. Like i said tonight... you cant kick me out! :) I am here to stay! Just listen to your momma stay off your feet as much as you can! It is way easy to think nothing but negative thoughts but You have great people in your life! I am happy to be apart of this :)

  2. Nope, 16 & Pregnant makes my skin crawl. I watch it every week (I think maybe to torture myself, who knows?) I wanted to smack tonite's girl on there screaming while in labor like she was being murdered. Seriously, I don't think that part was necessary. Hope you're taking it easy, and to help the cramps make sure you're getting plenty of fluids. Otherwise I hope that you're line is darker in 8hrs time.

    ICLW #33

  3. goodluck to you!
    i love this blog, I'll be following you!

    and hey, are you up to a liitle charity post for children by way of Hershey's Better Basket Bloghop? It will end on the 4th of Apr so I want to invite all kind hearts I can find in the bloggyverse!

    xoxo, fickle
    my post-its

    …bloghopping from ICLW!


  4. Hon, a line is a line. :) I know that you know that, but I just thought I'd say it again. I'm pulling for you that your line will get darker.

    In the meantime, congratulations! :)

    Oh...16 and Pregnant is truly awful.


  5. Hope you have fun peeing tomorrow. I'm all smiles for you!


  6. Welcome to ICLW, and CONGRATS on the BFP! I hope this is your sticky baby!

  7. 16 and preggo is such a train wreck and yet I can't look away!


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